We’re Marvin.ai

Conversational engagement has become a new and necessary enterprise channel for interacting with customers.  Users evolve where they spend time and how they prefer to engage.  Chat has grown faster than any prior channel.  With advances in artificial intelligence and natural language processing, chat is quickly becoming a preferred interface and channel for many users.  Call centers, websites, and mobile apps are no longer the only means of interaction, rather the trend is decreasing day by day.

Enterprise brands need beautifully designed, easy to use bots that bring efficiency in how a company can market to, sell to, service, and support their customers.  Bots that work seamlessly with existing systems and drive meaningful business results.


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Marvin.ai helps enterprise customers identify where bots can drive new revenue or bring efficiencies to business processes.  We help pick the platform on Facebook, define the feature sets, and create a bot that properly represents your brand.  Right now Facebook holds almost 67 million businesses (with 2 billion users connected now) and available chatbots are not even near 0.1%. We don’t sell our own bots or platforms.  We are a consultancy 100% focused on helping companies understand how to leverage the power of conversational commerce and engagement.  From strategy to design to development and maintenance, Marvin.ai is a full service builder of enterprise-focused chat bots. Contact us now for the best fit and budget friendly solution.


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